Friday at last

Woke up feeling strangely despondent. Once I had moaned to the lucky Lorraine, I began to cheer up. I seem to need to voice negative feelings to get rid of them.  But if I can't talk about them they fester instead. Thus purged, at last a good day's writing. Getting to grips with the final section of the book. Looking forward to being able to edit and tie up the loose ends on the complete manuscript in a matter of weeks.

Later heard from Chiara in Guernsey, who says planning is underway for the piece setting my poem A Return.

Feeling a tad coldy or something but to the gym anyway, where one of the staff actually came over for a chat, much to my amazement.

Lorraine home early for once. Hurray for Friday. After a snooze we met Cath at the Shahi, and strapped on the nosebag with her. She had been to Ireland, and then walking in the north for many weeks over the school holiday, and looked fit and well.

Everyone a bit drained by the week, so Cath went home and L and I repaired to the gold sofa, to watch Frasier episodes. Almost at the end of series 10 now. One more series to go and then a howling Frasierless vacuum. Interesting how I don't seem to identify with Frasier so much as I did, the last time I went on a massive Frasier watching spree.