Post-modern chips

No Friday 13th issues for me. Awake early this morning, so an unhurried schelp off to Tavistock Square this morning. Felling less coldly than I had done all week. A fairly quiet day at work, doing an old-skool DM style job with Slug, who I like more and more each time I work with him.

Off for some fairly old-skool pub grub too at lunch with First Matie and Slug, they had gammon egg and chips, I had fish, chips and salad. We had moved on from the Lord John because it was crammed with people in incredibly smart business suits eating egg and chips with a sort of post-modern irony. And instead we went to The Skinner's Arms instead, where Katie, L and I had had a drink last year.

Felt happy to be released back into the wild this evening, and pleased to have had a week's work. Willing the train journey to be over, arriving in Brighton which was enjoying stair rod rain. Lovely Lorraine came to the station to collect me as I was only wearing my hoodie. Things like this make me really happy; that someone would get off the sofa, plunge into the rain and drive to the station just to save me getting wet.

Shortly after, L and I crept off under a big umbrella to The Shahi where our two favourite waiters were having lives full of incident. Dr Raman had just had a daughter, while Mr Ali's sister in law was seriously ill in hospital. Feel that we are treated really nicely there, much of which is to do with Lorraine's warmth and chattiness.

Home to the gold sofa. It had seemed like a long week.