Blackberries in the rain

Sunday and a lots of things to be done. Lorraine and I off to buy sugar for making jam, some jars and then off into the countryside the other side of the downs. Lorraine wanted to experiment with jam making.

Stormy sky and some rain as we stuck our arms into the scratchy world of thorns. This all great fun however, found that you get your eye in and see them. They looked like they had been expertly picked today, but still found enough for a bit of jam. Found myself loving the colour of blackberries just before they were ripe, that dark soulful red. Rather like my thorn slashed wrists.

Home and filled in the idiotic forms, having to formally assert that nobody fished or hunted on my land. Then an amazing Biblical style hailstorm with thunder.

Had some really nice roast pork, then Lorraine did some jam-making. Then in the evening, we booked our tickets to Japan. My wallet had to find somewhere quiet to sob, but it is going to be brilliant.

Below Lorraine in the damp fields before we went a berrying, and hailstones on the Velux window.