Soothed by organisation

Up and out of bed very late having slept long and deep. Feeling chipper though, despite yesterday's adventures in booze and culture with Anton. Lorraine and I had a cull of my clothes, which is always enjoyable. I always discover that I have loads of clothes, and only wear a small percentage of them. The bonus is that I can fit in them all having lost some weight - even ones that date back many years. Although, I do feel like I have put on weight in the last 48 hours.

Lorraine's OCD came out quite usefully and my wardrobe now has shirts all facing the same way, and iron discipline in my drawers, and about which clothes belong in which drawers. I quite like it. L's OCD tendencies make me feel curiously secure.

Up and an austere small bowl of muesli and an orange for lunch, and then Lorraine and I went for a walk in the park for an hour or so, before scooting off to the supermarket. Poor L had some work to do, so I cooked and pottered about quietly, till this was done. A relaxed evening topped off by the enjoyable sight of watching Manchester United getting slaughtered on Match of the Day. But having had such a good day with Anton yesterday could not bring myself to gloat too badly, beyond texting him a reminder of when MOTD started.

Below the wild flowers sown in Preston Park continue to show. L and I spent some time looking at this little patch of beauty. L has written to the council thanking them for this.