Another poor night's sleep but caught up in the morning. An untroubled start to an untroubled day. The worst thing was when Lorraine, after eyeing my eyebrows unfavourably, wedged my head into a pillow and yanked several out. Worse, she called me a weed when I yelped in pain.

Good news in that one of the neighbours has sold their house, which means when we put the old church hall on the market again, it will be much more favourable.

A companionable day at home. Lorraine decorating some glass vases with beads, while I worked on a slight poem about blackberries, and we tidied up, shopped and cooked. Toby called this evening to discuss our Japanese trip.

This evening idly googling. Used google maps to find out what the place in Neasden that I lived in as a nipper looked like these days. We lived upstairs and entered through the side door.