Easing off

Fiddling with scraps of poems this morning on the train. And walking through London now there is the first touch of autumn weather quite nice. I always feel as if this is the beginning of the year for me, and I feel a curious excitement looking at the still green trees in Tavistock Square and knowing they will all be golden sometime soon.

The pitch based slogging of the last few days now over, and Kate and I had time to meander to a pub called The Lord John Russell at lunchtime for a slow pint of beer and a wide ranging chat.

A moderate afternoon and after work, it was the agency's free booze and mingling night and I availed myself of this opportunity with my normal alacrity. Nice chats with Pat and the soon to be a father Matty-boy as well as First Matie and others.

Listening to Queen Lucia by E.F. Benson as an audiobook. Googled a list of top English comedic novels and this appeared. Not particularly convinced so far, but perhaps it will grown on me.

Getting home seemed to take ages, and I fell into bad ways buying a regrettable but tasty Ace Pizza and had some time with Lorraine on the gold sofa before it was time for bed.