Anton's birthday booze

Up at seven and working on a poem for an hour and a half before taking up some tea for Lorraine and going back to bed. Then up and wandered around to Arkwrights to buy some reassuringly middle class fare. Paused then to rage at the solicitors who I discovered had sent all the papers to the Twitten instead of my actual address, delaying the process for two weeks. Not only had they send the papers to the wrong place, but nobody had followed up to find out why I'd not responded.

Then L and I went off to town to order our wedding rings and buy Anton his birthday present (a blue ray set of Lord of the Rings to watch on his enormous television). I am particularly pleased with the one L will have. Then off to meet up with Beth and Dawn and they viewed Lorraine's dress again. I repaired to the gym and sweated some of my solicitor inspired growls away.  Later to meet Anton and Brian in the coach house to go for some food and drink to celebrate Anton's Birthday month. Anton looking chilled after his holiday with the nippers in Spain, and great to see Brian too.

Soon joined by Lorraine and Dawn, and briefly by Betty. A few drinks, then off to have some pizza at a rather good new pizza place, which is in the same place as the curry restaurant Lorraine and I used to go to when we were first going out. A good pizza made from quality local produce.

Eventually the evening ended at The Basketmakers, which was busy and cheerful, where Matt had joined us. Home and I fell asleep on the sofa.