The Goose, and Liz the sudden cousin

Another night with no pain thank God. Still aware of my guts but they are no longer hurting, but very little energy. Lorraine off to get a massage today, she dropped me in town and I bought a present for Klaudia from Silverado for her 18th birthday. Makes me feel quite proud that my Goddaughter has reached that little landmark. Walked home via Sainsbury's where I bought some hot cross buns and sauerkraut to eat once the antibiotics stop nuking my biome. 

Home and did a bit of business admin. Then a fascinating hour this afternoon talking to Liz the sudden cousin. A sign of the times, we met on a google meet page for an hour. Really enjoyed chatting with her. She is an interesting, well travelled, creative and thoughtful person. The hour passed in no time. Really nice to have met her, and we resolved to meet up if possible this year.

Then Lorraine and I scampering about getting ready to be collected by Beth and James who drove us off to Eastbourne to meet Julie, James's mum, who he calls the Goose. Lorraine had met her once before in the great Mum summit, but I had never met her. Really welcoming, lovely person, and we all got on. Julie is English, but has always loved Italy, learning the language when she was at school, and she met James's Italian dad when she was 16. When they were together they ran an Italian cafe in Brighton, and she is a fabulous cook of Italian food. Had a gorgeous pasta starter, and delicious main course of chicken in a salsa sauce, and lovely aubergine slices which became a bit like the bread in a sandwich, and in the middle was mozzarella, all coated in egg and breadcrumbs, everything was delicious, the salad perfect. Absolutely fab. Then an excellent Banoffee pie. Julie is very focused on family, perhaps because her mother died when she was very young, and her father brought up the five children with the help of his mother. She is very close to her siblings. She appears very fond of Beth, which is great.  

James drove us there and back in Beth's car, wearing  driving gloves. Apparently there are two soundtracks to a car ride with James. Classic rock on the outward journey, and Frank Sinatra on the return leg. He said that it was while listening to Strangers in the Night crooned by old blue eyes (which is a tune and a half), that he realised that he loved Beth. 

Home in time for Match of the Day, which I struggled through as I am still feeling drained and wussy.  But a happy and interesting day. 

Below, strolling into Brighton


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