Dangling on Spartan rations

Lorraine's alarm going off at 6:15 this morning. Back to reality, and my wifey back to school. Rain and rainbows this morning the day becoming more seasonally appropriate as it progressed. Keith and I met up at nine and spent most of the day dangling, waiting to hear from the US about the job we are to work on. Keith trying to be proactive. We reread the brief and discussed ways of interpreting it. I was reluctant to start, however, as this is the same job abruptly cancelled in December. The nice Germans I was working with before Christmas got back in touch, however, and I spent some of the afternoon doing a bit of a tedious job for them. 

A call from Anton, already traumatised by the return to work. Work is a toad.

Spartan Month started today: three walks, taking me up to 10k paces. Calorie counted Spartan rations meant when I weighed myself just before bed, I'd lost 1kg in 24 hours.  

At noon Sam and I discussed how cold things we were and I realised the heating wasn't on. Turning the heating on provoked my vertigo (something about the temperature change) and I felt as if I were sitting on a boat for about an hour. Fortunately I did the vertigo exercises, which helped. A walk settled it down too. Moving seems to help.

Last walk of the day, just briskly up to the top of the hill and down again. I cooked, Lorraine home reasonably unscathed. Sam busy doing forms all day. I read an excellent story by Matthew Rees, and watched an episode of The Expanse. To bed early.

Jade texted me joking that  she had her booster, and felt no reaction nor arm pain and surely this meant there was something seriously wrong with her. I was as a hypochondriac I completely understood.

Two iPhone snaps from today. The second hand car shop up on Hollingbury Hill, and the rainbow.