Home again

Bromyard a bit cooler this morning, after yesterday's record high. Up and after breakfast of mushrooms and bacon with Sue and John, Sue Lorraine and I walked out to a nearby farm to buy some eggs, multicoloured beauties they were, to bring home with us. Lovely that Sue and John can just saunter out into the country a hundred yards from where they live.  

After staying with Sue and John we returned feeling decidedly more relaxed than when we arrived. They really are perfect hosts and do everything they can to make us feel relaxed.

Despite a few pinchpoints of traffic, and enthusiastic downpours, the journey fairly easy. Arrived home at around five. Sam and Jade had spoilt the cats. Sam collected a curry from around the corner. Jade's last evening before she goes back to Scotland. We watched a movie called Cruella being the backstory of the villain from 1001 Dalmatians, which was cheery enough, and featured Emma Stone and Emma Thomson being entertainingly evil to one other.

A cheery evening. Ending up with watching match of the day, and a scintillating 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Liverpool pretty much guaranteeing that Manchester City will run away with the league. 

And so to bed, having drunk no booze, which was actually rather nice. The Spartan month is about to begin -- just after the remaining few perishable food dainties are scoffed.  Clinging on to the last bits of holiday by our fingernails.

A country lane looking back towards Bromyard, a bit of a view over the fields, and  Lorraine (wearing my waterproof) and Sue outside the farm having bought eggs. A passenger's eye view of a random piece of rainy motorway.