Klaudia is 18

A much needed slumping day. As I am still in recovery mode. Slept and read this afternoon on the gold sofa while Lorraine played Star Dew Valley and listened to music. I had to apologise to Sarah that I wouldn't be there for her online launch of her marvellous book The Thoughts, which was tonight too. 

Then off to the posh restaurant The Ivy in Brighton for  6:15 to celebrate Klaudia's 18th birthday. Lorraine and I bumped into Anne, Anton, Klaudia, Oskar and Anna as they were climbing out of their cab. Klaudia had been partying hard all weekend, as is only right and proper, going to London with a posse of her pals on Friday, and then having a party at home last night, then going out to The Green Door after midnight to stay out late. So it was a slightly wan and delicate Goddaughter who appeared tonight -- but she did very well considering.  

A lovely meal, and Klaudia liked the silver bangle from Silverado I'd bought her and simply put it on straight away, and the monthly cosmetics delivery Lorraine had organised. The Ivy a lively place, quite loud and difficult to hear one another at first, but definitely fun and a destination restaurant to be seen in. The food was pretty decent too. I also had an excellent gin and tonic there.

Mainly though, it is one of those moments, to think blimey Baby Klauds is 18.  Apart from Toby, she is the only person I met on their first day of life that I know. She is an excellent person. It makes me happy. Oskar is excellent person too, and already as tall as me looking very handsome. It is a lucky thing to be a Godfather. Lorraine and I had a great time.