Lost in the fog

Lorraine still off, but much improved. Beth came to hang out with Lorraine for several hours today, sitting happily together on the sofa chatting. Two peas in a pod.

A thoroughly day at the office. Keith's computer and server having problems, and having to reset all his passwords. Afternoon ended with Keith, in a silent fury with the world, ending the connection and resorting to a couple of texts. These shenanigans have put us behind where we should be, and means tomorrow will be a slog. Our ideas have, uncharacteristically, got lost in the fog.

Spoke to Mum about Liz, and she is happy for me to connect them.

Heated up soup for Lorraine. I cooked solids for Sam and myself.  

Went for a few walks including after work to try to clear my head.

All a bit misty and mysterious tonight...