A day of quiet pie preparation

A slow Saturday morning. I sprang up fairly early to feed the pesky cats, and took back up bacon and egg sandwiches and cups of tea. Sat in bed talking for hours. Eventually we got up and tidied the house and cooked as we had invited Sarah and Dan over and Lorraine decided to unleash individual chicken leek and tarragon pies which take some prepping.

Sarah works with Lorraine, and is an excellent person all round. I like Dan too, who I've chatted two a few times too. He used to work in the police, but having retired from that has done other jobs, like work as a postie. I asked him which of the cop dramas seemed most realistic, and he said none of them. Lovely to spend an evening with Sarah, who I have known for years, without ever having actually hung out with over a few glasses of wine and excellent pies. A cheery night, and one to repeat I hope.