Quiet reflection

A day of quiet reflection, after tidying up. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, after liberal quantities of beer and fiery curry, my gut griped in the night. A gold sofa day with Lorraine and cats, listening to music, chatting, dozing, light reading and watching assorted detectives on TV. While soberly sipping my poo-provoking sachets to get my guts back to normal. Lorraine busy with her cyber tasks on farms and so on. 

Chatting with Mum this morning about Liz the sudden cousin. Loraine chatting with Maureen. I hope to see Mum in the next week or two. Sam back from London late this afternoon. A roast dinner. All well. Feeling very happy not to be plunged into a new brief first thing tomorrow.

Mildly diverted by finding a Facebook page based on the Lord of the Rings, containing all this sort of thing...