A saunter in Seaford

A slow morning. Breakfast of mushrooms and bacon on toast. Did ten minutes of business admin. Drove off to Seaford for more reconnaissance this afternoon. Although it was stormy in the north of the UK, it was a still, sunny day and down by the sea the air smelt really fresh. Just mooched around for a couple of hours, walking down streets and nosing about and discussing what what we are looking for in a new house. Both enthused by the idea of a change, and not living in a terrace. 

On our wish list is a big kitchen, which is the heart of the house where people can sit, a garden that is a decent size and not overshadowed, a conservatory, and room enough for folks to stay.  

The Seaford roofs dusted with yellow lichen, which was nice.  The town has a few shops, cafes, restaurants and half a dozen pubs, and seems nice enough. Lorraine conducted some research with a person in a flower shop who said she had been there for two years and loved it.

Home to the cats. Spoke to Mum, and scoffed more chicken and leek pie. Yum. Watched an a partially successful film with Anne Reid and Daniel Craig called Mother.  Written by Hanif Kureishi and set around Hammersmith and Chiswick, some of it shot behind the Riverside Studios where I went frequently for beers, particularly in the famous Summer of Pink Wine at the agency, where people where being let go in droves, and the rest of us were busy altering our lives sitting in the sun through long lunchtimes.   I met Hanif Kuereishi once or twice, rather joined a bunch of people for a drink when he was teaching creative writing there. He seemed an interesting guy.

Below assorted white cliffs, a crow on a sign (quite near as the crow flies) and Brighton peeping out in the haze.