Working from home

Up early this morning. Had a bit of an ah-ha moment about my forthcoming poetry readings. Simply to position myself not as the great bard giving forth my poems, but remembering the audience are fellow travellers (most of them will be poets) about 35 years of poems including the failed experiments and some of the cul-de-sacs I found myself lost in. On another lofty literary note, finished the Diary of Adrian Mole, which was very nicely done.

I walked down to the gym this morning, but had to clamber off the cross trainer after a while as I was feeling tired and hot, and my leg hurt. Home feeling a bit ancient as a consequence. I also have a flare up of eczema in my groin. The tube of cream has to be kept in the fridge. Luckily I was done applying the unguents to my privates in the kitchen before Sonia let herself in.

Began my period of gainful employment this afternoon, a few hours writing about comforting pheromones for dogs who are left home alone. Had another bout of juggling dates, as my French friends wanted me all next week. Luckily my new Paddington Pals agreed to be juggled. The afternoon working quietly then, with Sonia hoovering around me and telling me to see the German violinist David Garrett, and showing me clips of his violin pyrotechnics on her phone.

Lorraine home quite late, and we walked around to the Red Chillies takeaway, put in an order and went across to the Park View for a glass of beer, and to talk to my lovely wife. Home soon, armed with Indian food, and strapped on the nosebags, and settled happily into the gold sofa.