Less twitchy

Less twitchy going into work today. Little to do, other than read through things, and research the nature of the pharma company for whom I shall be writing copy. Sat through several conference speeches. It amazes me how these leaders of industry are a) so self congratulatory, and b) say so little in their speeches. It is full of business phrases but when you boil them down they say almost nothing. Fifteen minute speeches that can be boiled down to three or four sentences. It's a different world.

Mooched about in a solitary way at lunchtime again. Found an area just around the corner a bit like an amphitheatre with shops. Bought some food there. Then called Mum for a chat and started walking along a canal side, which was pretty.

Lorraine and Beth off at a spa day today being pampered together and getting some quality time together, which I was pleased about, as typically I got an in-house freelance job just as half term started.

Have been reading Autumn, by Ali Smith, which Janet had given me. Rather enjoying it. Also have been preoccupied with my reading tomorrow in Brighton. I've had no time to practice and am still unclear what to read, and there seems not much time to think about it.

Home, and happy to be there, eating stir fry with Lorraine and hearing about facial massages and healthy bobbing about in swimming pools with Betty.