New boy

So off to the new job. No travel card, so had to pay full whack, over £50. The journey to Paddington fine, although getting up in the dark all of a sudden a bit of a shock to a delicate creature such as myself. Looking forward to getting the first day over, as my last in house job during the Spring was pretty vile and so my confidence wasn't sky high. Hoping I wasn't going to get my satchel kicked around the playground. However, was sat in a corner, given a laptop, and sent loads of background material to read, and get my head around. This took all day.

One or two friendly conversations, and Robbie there too with Spore, who is someone I had once worked with slightly years ago. Went out for a walk at lunchtime around and about in Paddington, and ended up buying a disappointing sandwich. The loneliness of the new starter. Phoned Lorraine at lunchtime, and couldn't wait to be home again.

Managed to get myself a new travel id card too, had to find a photobooth in Paddington, which stank of urine, and take some passport style photos. £6, for five photos. Then I managed to get this all sorted in Brighton station in no time. Bought a monthly travel pass for £400 a no brainer against a £50 a day standard rate. Grabbed a cab home, where Lorraine had cooked a delicious curry.

A few sights at lunchtime. Where the smokers go outside Paddington Station, a view of more smoking and mobile phoning, a barge apparently which appeared to be designed by Fernand Leger, and Canada Geese swimming over a line of bubbles where the canal is being artificially aerated to reduce algae.