Lamb and apple pie

A slow start to Sunday, and Lorraine grateful for the fact that the clocks went back. Roused ourselves eventually to drive off to Sainsbury's and buy some vegetables. Then Lorraine took her car to be mended. Thought I had lost my wallet for a while, but luckily I had dropped it in the car. Spoke to Mum, and later on called Janet, but I guess she was at the hospital. I also wrote a chasing email to the agent who has my children's novel. The process of trying to get people to look at your work requires a resolute spirit.

Beth and John came around this afternoon, and Lorraine cooked the massive shoulder of lamb that she had been given by the head of governors at her school. Obviously with my orc foot, which red meat sparks off, I was only able to eat a small amount of it. What I tasted was delicious. Lorraine made an apple pie afterwards, which was splendid. I like it when Lorraine gets serious in the kitchen.

The other three forking into it with great abandon, and Beth took back a large tupperware box filled with meat. Brian ate lamb too with enormous pleasure. He goes mad for roasts of all kinds, but has no interest in the meat once it is cold.

All of us rather tired after last night's liveliness. But fun nevertheless. John really liked the playing cards Anton had bought me. An early bed.