Slept long and hard. Lorraine needing loads of sleep. I made teas and breakfast and it wasn't till after noon that we got up finally. We went for a walk to the shops at five ways. Dawn came around, and Lorraine cooked us  a delicious fish curry. Then off in Dawn's car to Beth and John's flat, where they had invited a few of their pals around as a flatwarmer. I wandered down to the co-op chatting with John, and bought a few beers, John using his magic discount card.

A really cheery evening. Beth said she felt all grown up coming out of the bathroom, and realising all these people were friends she had invited to her own flat. I enjoyed chatting with Beth's pals Sarah and Suzie, and Ainsley and Milly, Laura and her excellent boyfriend Brahim. James there too, and it was good to catch up with him. I enjoyed enjoyed meeting Alex who teaches with Beth again, and I had a long chat with his partner Luke from Sydney. Good to see Rosie and Innis too. Rosie has almost read The Second Kind of Darkness, and said she was loving it. Given that Rosie's work is all about Children's books, I was chuffed to hear that.

Fond farewells to everyone. Lorraine and I hopped into a cab at the end of the night, and were spirited rapidly home.  Betty and John happy in their new home, and that makes Lorraine and I feel happy too.