Hopping in Hove

Another walk into the throbbing hub of Haywards Heath, where Lorraine and I bumped into Sue again in Smiths. We did some light shopping, and shared American pancakes in a cafe. Unnaturally hot day, and felt the sun warm on my back. Haywards Heath busy being pleasant again.

In the evening off to Hove for Rosie's party. Met Anton beforehand in The Hampton pub. Lorraine wore her wedding shoes and a black dress. I looked quite smart till I dropped a morsel of patatas bravas, covered in a rich staining sauce, down my shirt. The party good fun, and Rosie full of beans, and lots of her friends and Tim's friends there. Dawn came too, and I enjoyed meeting Rosie's pal Alice again and discussing art, life and other subjects. I indulged in a spot of cavorting on the dancefloor too. Driven home straight home by Lorraine, and not via the kebab shop as Anton urged, for which I was later profoundly grateful.

Discovered I can weasel a bit of internet here too, before the wifi is turned on on Wednesday.