Mysterious magnetism

From various communications from solicitors and estate agents it now looks possible we can move in a matter of weeks. This is cheering news.

Finished The Outsider, then attended to various bits of admin in a detached Gauloises smoking manner. Walked into the throbbing hub of  Haywards Heath but find I have set my face against Haywards Heath.

Friday evening, once my lovely freed herself at last from an arduous week of work, off to a Nepalese restaurant in Hayward's Heath called Everest Spice. Rather good it was too, in fact the jewel of Haywards Heath. We lapped up a couple of bottles each of Nepalese beer and some rather fine Gurkha grub while Lorraine exercised her magnetism and the waiters began fawning on her within minutes.

Home and a much-needed early night.