New House

Up just after six on the big day, Lorraine Betty and I drinking tea in our last unpacked cups before a final packing frenzy. The two amiable Ark removals guys Martin and Steve arrived to pack the stuff at 8:45. Cats locked into the bathroom, except Brian escaped when one of the movers opened the door, but I managed to snatch him back in the front garden.

The van driven off, and we followed in the car. I was last out, with the hoover, after we had conducted a rearguard of rapid cleaning, and dropped Jo’s key through the letterbox.

A brisk and unsentimental farewell to Haywards Heath and we drove to our new home in Brighton without incident, other than Calliopes weeing nervously out of the cat carrier. Fortunately away from Betty squished in beside them.

Opened up Osborne Road and piled in, cats in the en suite bathroom on the top floor, and the removals guys Steve and Martin rapidly unpacking our skeleton belongings. Feeling elated to be here. Our new home does not disappoint, and seems bigger than we remembered, and was left in good order with things being painted a biscuity colour.

The first thing that strikes you is the amazing views. The house is narrow and tall, and from the rear of the house, facing northwest, especially the converted loft room, which is where Lorraine and I have chosen as our bedroom has a fabulous high rise view from our low rise house of the North of Brighton, with the ranks of Victorian terraces, and the train line to London and areas of trees and the green downs visible beyond, with a windmill on the horizon. The smallest bedroom is going to be my office, and shares this inspiring view.

We all set to getting things straight. First priority is the kitchen, generally cleaning cupboards and deciding where things must be put. Good storage space, and a good oven left by the former owners. We don’t have a fridge yet. Betty off this afternoon to work with Sarah, and Lorraine and I set about dismantling the bed as this couldn’t get into our bedroom. Then reassembled all the bits in our bedroom. Having somewhere to sleep is a big priority. Appropriately enough, Dawn was our first visitor, bearing some bubbly which, when we drank it, went straight to all our heads. Then she bought us fish and chips from a chip shop around the corner, which was rather good and I bought a couple of cheeky lagers. A very cheery night, but Lorraine and I were exhausted by the end of it.

Lorraine, Beth and I shortly after dawn, in the half a minute of relaxation we got while waiting for the moving guys after a frenzy of packing. My self portrait a depiction of my complex feelings toward Haywards Heath.


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Welcome back to the 'hood.....