A spot of Euchre

To Brighton this morning to meet Beth during her lunchtime break, and I quickly went to the bank, and bought a couple of books. Felt great to be in our home town, even if it is just for a flying visit.

Off this afternoon off to Staplefield, a village with a pub in it called The Victory. Jo, whose house we are currently renting and a work pal of Lorraine's, got married to her husband David quietly on Friday and gathered a few friends this afternoon. Our new next door neighbours were there too, and were very pleasant. Chatting with people working in education (several knew Lorraine) fell in with one of the locals too. Pleasant afternoon, and I enjoyed a few pints of Harveys.

Then to to collect Beth from the station. Plan A was go to a nearby firework display -- a controlled display as Lorraine can't abide the uncontrolled ones. It was however hosing down with rain, so instead the three of us ended up playing Euchre till late. I taught them the three handed game and it brought back all kinds of memories playing it. Kept thinking of my grandparents Gwen and Dave and playing endless games of euchre with them and Toby, and all Dave's in-game banter with hands like feet, and calling queens 'whistlers'  and so on. Lorraine, being a gamer, and Beth (being the daughter of a gamer) took to it like ducks to water and did suspiciously well.

The first time I have played euchre since playing in Deviation Road in August 2009.