God speed the day

Feeling a huge relief and delight that we are moving. One day soon my morning list will not require me to do things like filling in a business bank form 30 pages long, nor chase the pathetic Royal Mail about their failure to forward mail. God speed the day.

Early this morning, I spent a couple of hours working on another older poem Siamese Fighting Fish that had never worked, and found that it suddenly snapped into shape. I seem to be on a bit of a roll.

Strolled into the main bit of Haywards Heath to buy bread with nice bits of fruit and nut in it from a continental baker, and wrapping paper for Beth's presents in Smiths. This morning ordered a birthday present for Beth for Thursday, paying for express delivery, only to discover this evening that someone else has already bought it for her. D'oh.

Lorraine home late, having had a long day, not helped by filling her tank full of petrol and discovering she had forgotten her purse. Luckily it was with Sainsburys and they were very good about it. She arrived late, and went onto her Which site, and discussed important matters such as who will be our power suppliers in the new house. Counting the days.