Betty's birthday

All action today. Getting broadband and the Royal Mail forwarding organised for our new house. The Royal Mail at least decided to charge me nothing for this as a gesture of goodwill -- having made a hash of the forwarding so far.  Also zoomed off to the bank to schedule the chaps payment to solicitor. I quite liked having hundreds of thousands in my account for a while. Also signing and returning accounts stuff to Andrew. In short, taking care of business.

All this done, off to Brighton late this afternoon. I had arranged to meet Beth there for her birthday, from the train. Instead Lorraine drove us there, and came as a surprise. John with Betty too, and we all repaired to a French cafe to drink coffees and have cake (or in Lorraine and my case fig and chocolate bread and butter pudding which was fab). Betty happy to receive an iPad, which for all kinds of complex reasons we had stealthily collected from Pat and Maureen's place last weekend.

Then the four of us to The Basketmakers for a quick drink and a bite to eat. Met Irish Tom there, who was pleased to see us, and I texted Matt who came to join us too to strap on the nosebag and have a couple of pints. Ages since we've all had a drink there, and I felt very happy to be back in Brighton albeit for a few hours.

Lorraine and I home at eightish, and then I was facetimed by Toby from a hotel room, and I got to speak to the Romster too which good. She is doing all kinds of high powered meetings at the moment, and will be in Japan at Christmastime to attend to family business there. Sad to think of us all with Hiroko last year, but I am so pleased we saw her then, on what was an idyllic holiday. Really looking forward this year, however, to having Christmas in our new home, and seeing Toby who will be over in the UK. I love Christmas.

Lorraine, after sneaking off in the afternoon, compensating by working in the evening. A couple of
Frasiers, and to bed.

Below a few snaps in the Basketmakers. Lorraine and Beth; Beth; John and Lorraine; and me and John. I am trying to pull a 'selfie' face; and Irish Tom. Matt, strangely, not pictured.