Completion and a new moon

More packing today, punctuated by calls from the Solicitor and the Estate agent saying the house purchase had completed -- and gleeful texts to Lorraine and Beth. Then a final walk through Hateful Heath off to the station this afternoon, and trained to Preston Park station, alighted from there and wandered off to the Estate Agents and, pausing only to marvel at the convincing nature of the humanoid replicants, signed for the key to our new house at 4:30.

Stepped out of their office and as I crossed the road a sudden break in the cloud allowed me to glimpse the new moon. For superstitious reasons I had been trying not to see through glass all week, but had failed to see at all. This unadulterated new moon at such a time, seemed a good omen.

A sense of unreality about the walked up  Preston Drove, alongside Preston Park (the other end of the park we lived near before) and paused in the Park View, a nice enough boozer, and availed myself of a pint of beer while waiting for Lorraine. Then stepped outside, jumped into the car, and drove the couple of hundred yards up the road to our new house, opening the door and squeezing in together.

It seemed bigger than I remembered it. We brought in a few breakables from the car, such as the TV and some computery bits, Beth arrived shortly after, making us laugh by miming a cat spraying in the corners of the house, and we shared a glass of bubbly together.

Then off to the Shahi for a celebratory curry. Not been there for over a month and it felt good to be back, a strange surging of emotion expressed through the snapping of poppadoms.  Then, for the last time, we returned to Hayward's Heath.

Below a shot of the living room area of the new house. Not, perhaps, the most memorable testament to an important day.