Chairman Kenny

Chatting with Betty, who on leaving left Lorraine and I a lovely anniversary card, off and on before she set off for Brighton late this afternoon. Betty is rather beset at the moment, with her phone inexplicably being cut off this afternoon.

Meanwhile I became Chairman Kenny, as Peter Kenny The Writer Ltd. is now an actual thing, and its documentation arrived in the post today, along with solicitor blah blahs about the house. Lorraine is my Company secretary so is now able to be ordered about, imperiously asked for teas and subject to unwantedly depraved attentions. It's company number rocks (9279272) too.

Bob called me this afternoon, walking the dog off to pick up Millie somewhere in Salisbury.

Lorraine home after ten, having been training governors. I watched several episodes of The World at War. Such an excellent series, although somewhat depressing obviously. Made toast and tea for my baby when she got home. And so to bed.

Finished the Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage. Really enjoyed it. It is a lesson how things written so coolly can be such page turners.