Exchange at last

Yippee! Exchanged at last and we take possession of New Kenny Towers on 27th of November. Waves of relief as the legal stars finally align. The soul-shriveling years of dealing with solicitors and estate agents and property managers that began with me moving out of the Twitten, renting my house in the Twitten, selling my house in the Twitten, moving into the Old Church Hall, trying and failing to sell the Old Church Hall last year, selling the Old Church Hall this year, moving to Haywards Heath temporarily... the end of all that is arriving in a week and half. Lorraine and I and Betty are moving into the home in Brighton that Lorraine and I have chosen together and have no intentions of leaving.

The full joy of this is yet to sink in. There is naturally lots to be done -- and another move to be rapidly arranged, luckily only cats and skeletons from Haywards Heath, then the other stuff stored in Maureen and Pat's garage, and all the stuff we have in storage in Brighton. But all these tasks can be done with a song on our lips.

In the evening off to Brighton to the poetry meeting, which despite leaving in loads of time I managed to be late for. A good session, with some excellent work. I took along a poem called The Air War which seemed to go down well. It was actually a poem from perhaps twenty years ago that I could never get right, and quite suddenly it all fell into place a couple of weeks ago. Funny how it works like that.

Nice chats on the way to the station with Andie, Antony and Robin. Home fairly quickly and had a late glass of wine with Lorraine to celebrate. Almost free at last.