Lorraine and I had a poorish night’s sleep being somewhat overtired. The disorientated cats waking us up periodically, with Brian springing up from the side of the bed into Lorraine’s face twice in the night.

Can’t remember feeling as happy as I did this morning. Apart from the sheer pleasure of moving in to the house Lorraine and I have bought together, there is the unadulterated joy of knowing that the years of property-related uncertainty, delay and frustration have at last ended. We live here. And Betty is delighted too. After her uncertainty about where she was living, she now knows she has a solid foundation and home to flourish out from.

Very tired but skipping about cheerily. A bit of a survey this morning, and prioritising what needs to be done. The bobbly biscuit coloured wallpaper needs to go pronto. The colour scheme in much of the house is of discordant beiges. Other people's colour sense baffles me sometimes.

Pat and Peter were due to arrive at lunchtime with a van armed with the stuff stored in Pat and Maureen's garage. However there was some last minute hitch, and they arrived (as I was out buying some lunch for us all) in a car, having managed to cram in our old fridge, and a few random boxes. Gave them the tour, and chatted before they drove back to Ashford.

Exploring the house. There is a low-ceilinged cellar here, which we are enjoying calling the dungeon. Then Lorraine and I drove off to buy some vegetables, and spend lots of money mooching about in Homebase on shower curtains, paint, scrapers, polyfiller and other DIY stuff. All this rather exciting: there is much to be done.