Last day of a short stint

Up and off again. Last day in my three day stint. Another day in a goldfish bowl meeting room. One of the advantages of being older is that people cannot be certain that you are a person of no importance. A couple of times people came to the room, clearly wanting to turf me out, and I just gave them a Paddington stare through the glass and they thought better of it.

Worked on the train to get everything sorted in time, and despite various IT pains at work (they asked me to bring my own laptop, but their guest Wifi blocks you from sending emails sometimes), started the day running around with a memory key.

Spent the afternoon with Fernanda, after our first thoughts had been scorned by some suit, who insisted on replacing them with idiocies, which due to his seniority within the organisation, apparently we had to run with. I reminded myself I was only there for a few more hours. Released back into the wild by Fernanda. She is a breath of fresh air, with an original mind and a beautiful design sense, and this was I think the third time we had worked together. Didn't have much time to chat about anything other than work, although she did tell me she came to work in her pyjamas and nobody noticed. From the goldfish bowl meeting room we watched the big full moon rise of the buildings, and it was beautiful.

Robin's first layout of the Telltale anthology came through today, which looked splendid. Quite pleased with one of my two poems in there. The photo I put on Instagram on Monday was reposted with my permission by the Kings Cross account. I like Instagram much more than facebook these days.

Off on the train up to Mill Hill where I walked to the Jolly Badger Harvester Mum and Mas at the harvester for dinner. Quite cold tonight, about 5C.  I drank beer and Mum and I ate the ribs of some shrew-like thing, which I'd augmented with half a sparrow.  First time out for Mas for a while, and he seemed well disposed towards a burger, natchos and fries, with a cold beer. Various chats, before it was time to head for home. I walked back to Mill Hill train station, and had a long faux first journey home. Walked up the hill under the super blue moonlight.