Bobbing and weaving

Bobbing and weaving today. Organising a few days freelance in London next week with Fernanda, which will be fine. Chats with Mum arranging to see her and Mas next week, and messaging with Carl and Toby, who was invigilating an exam (or as his autocorrect put it, 'invigorating' an exam). Also got some detailed feedback from Charlotte on Sin Cycle, which is very thought provoking and useful. Otherwise, worked on the Centaur libretto, and completed the first draft of the next scene.

Off for a walk in the afternoon to blow off the cobwebs and I racked up my 10k steps, listening to a Mayo and Kermode podcast. Lorraine off all day and evening at a Education conference near Arundel. Ate fish and chips tonight with mushy peas, and watched Professor Green's documentary's about Working Class White Men, which was insightful and sad.

Then I toyed about with stained glass window designs, listening to David Bowie's last album, Blackstar, which I think stands up with the best of his work.  Lorraine home late, but quite energised after a good day at her headteacher's conference. A short appearance by Romesh Ranganathan too, as his kids go to one of the schools in the area.