The helpful blandness of Starbucks

Mason still in hospital. Otherwise a better day for me. Doing mind maps and just generally taking a helicopter view of my activities.

In the afternoon, I had a quick chat with Sonia, who said she noticed with approval how much tidier my study was, I walked it town and sat in Starbucks for a bit. For some reason I find this an excellent place to think and work, as do many others. It is partly the place's blandness. Also I think its position. There must be a strange kind of feng shui about being on the corner of two streets, where you can see the world going by. Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time in there working and thinking before I walked home again.

When Lorraine arrived home, we zoomed straight out to the Preston Park Tavern for a spot of dinner and a couple of beers. Lorraine had a good day today, with one of her staff writing to her board of governors to say what a good job she was doing.

Sloped home early, and boofed happily into the weekend.

Below the helpful blandness of the non-ideologically sound Starbucks.