Happy hermit

Like a hermit today. All grey outside. After working on some poems first thing, I spent most of the day organising my workspace. The Big Sort Out as I am thinking of it. There is still work to be done, but there are increasing outbreaks of space and order. It feels great, and I feel the clearing out being reflected inside my head.  When in doubt, tidy up, as the Oblique Strategy cards say. Otherwise little to report.

I spoke to Janet who said she has long had a 'one in, one out' policy on books, of which she has many. I do frequently refer to my books, but only about twenty percent of them. Many of the others I have carried around in boxes for decades, dormant and never to be read again, quite a few of them yellowed and dusty and bought second hand in the first place. Why are they still in my life? This is not my usual way of thinking about books, but I am finding it very liberating. More than that, I am sieving out nuggets in the rubble.

A biblical email from Trace in California, too close to the big fires, and now subject to terrible floods. What next? Locusts.

Lorraine home early tonight, with a bag of meat products that she and Beth went halves on. A stir fry this evening.

The Hermit, from the Major Arcana, lofting the lamp of truth.