Biryani and Blackjack

Lorraine and I sloped off to Sole Sister's this morning to get our feet serviced. A nice guy sorting my plates of meat out, buffing them and getting rid of excess skin and sorting my bruised nail out and my slightly ingrowing big toenails. They almost looked like a real boy's feet at the end of it. Then we mooched about five ways briefly, and bought some vegetables and looked in other shops.

Spoke to Mum, and Mas is still in hospital for tests, but is bored and wants to go home all the time.

Then we took lots of stuff to Oxfam, me loads of books, and we also got rid of a few other bits. It is what is known in Kenny Towers as a house poo. Not necessarily pleasant, but everything feels a good deal better afterwards.

Then back home, and Lorraine did some epic cooking of biryani and other lovely side dishes, and I helped where I could. Suddenly feeling really sleepy and tired, and dozed for ten minutes as Lorraine worked.

Soon Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar came around and we had a meal, then played cards afterwards, Klaudia's favourite card game, which is Blackjack and she is very good at it. My goddaughter will be 14 soon. Hard to imagine. 

It was good fun, and Lorraine's grub was delicious. Calliope, sitting in the middle of Lorraine's jigsaw, then getting involved with everyone as usual. Here is a photo of her sitting on Anton's lap while we were playing Blackjack.