Dodging the deluge

Woke to the news that Ursula K LeGuin had died after a long life as a fine SF writer, whose book The Left Hand of Darkness I had enjoyed as a teenager. I read other of her books later, but The Left Hand of Darkness was interesting because the society it depicted was constructed around a different sexual cycle, where its inhabitants were gender neutral, and then chose which sex they wanted to be when they reached 'Kemmer' a point when they felt like breeding. Certain fish do things like this, so the idea was entirely plausible to me at the time.

A letter from Robin with comments on Sin Cycle, which were very useful, and I was really pleased with. Was contacted about doing bits of freelance I have a cheeky three days pencilled in next week working with Fernanda at her new agency, and the folks in Paddington wrote to check my general availability over the next few months. I cooked bean jar today. Smells of beany goodness drifting through the house. Lorraine said she thought it was my best one yet.

Gusty, and raining hard most of the day, so I dodged the deluge indoors. But in the evening went to Marine Drive, opposite the sea which was being beautifully rough and dark. Met Catherine outside and went to the launch of Alex Pearson's Blue Yurt training business. Although I was not sure what I was doing there, there were lots of interesting people. Ended up having a long conversation with Alex's upstairs neighbour Adriana. The rain had stopped when I slipped out and after walking some of the way, ended up bussing home to chat with Lorraine, and interrupted her watching of 'Death in Paradise'. There is no better programme if you want to look at sunshine and veg out.