Wrapping up the year, with a centaur

A few bits of work this morning, finalising the last bits of things, and did my last bit of billing for the year. Felt as if I had wrapped up the year. I hope so.

Walked to Hove this afternoon, to have a session with Helen on the Centaur project. Listening to more of The Third Policeman as I walked. She had written an interesting new section to go with the last lot of words I have sent her. We drank coffee and ate the lebkuchen I had taken around, and discussed the overall progress. She thinks the opera will be finished next year, so we have to think about trying to raise some interest in it. For me it has been an interesting learning experience whatever happens. I met her youngest son and his girlfriend today too. Nice people.

Walked home. Lorraine's work party today, but I gratefully stayed indoors tonight. Bought some fish and chips from which Lorraine fashioned a chip butty before she drove off.  I was very grateful for a quiet night in with the cats on the sofa.

Below snapped from my study window in the morning, the distant windmill and a dark rain cloud looming behind it. This snapped in the afternoon while walking over the hill down to see Helen in Hove.