A dangling day

Up early and another day of working at home, dangling in vain all day for feedback for the work I did yesterday. However I simply got on with other things, such as writing a post on my other blog and went for a long walk in the afternoon. A cold, clear day. I was listening to an audiobook of The Third Policeman, and it was making me laugh aloud. It is a brilliantly intelligent and crazy book, and could only have been written in Ireland. I started it many years ago, but didn't get on with it for some reason. I am so pleased I found my way back to it.

A lovely walk, in woods for a bit, then down the roads to Preston Park, where I had a cup of coffee in the cafe, and then walked home in the cold and long winter shadows, even though it was only three PM. Spoke to Sonia, who is going away on holiday again next week. Once I'd done everything, I called Mum for a FaceTime chat. Then I nipped out in the cold and ordered a curry from around the corner. Lorraine arrived home when I was collecting it, and she had poured a beer for me when I got home, and we had a night on the gold sofa. Lorraine falling asleep early, and worn out, and I was much the same. I am ready for a holiday.

Below long shadows in Preston Park...