Coloured lights

We didn't have to spring out of bed this morning, thank goodness. But once up, resolutely getting things done. Went to Tescos in Shoreham, to pick up a present ordered through Tescos direct, going to Homebase for new lights for our Christmas tree,  and things for the curtain rail and rings, and then Waitrose in Hove for food.

These done, we collected a poorly Beth from her flat, and brought her home for Christmas. She had missed elf work as she went down with the spewing bug that had gripped the rest of her team.  She was a bit brighter than she had been the night before however.

Home and added different lights to the tree, below, and Beth and Lorraine wrapped presents, while I slumped in a braindead fashion on the sofa. I love coloured lights on a tree. I suppose that's because the archetypical christmas tree of my memory, the plastic one owned by my Grandmother in guernsey had multicoloured lights.