Beers with my oldest friend

A cup of tea in bed from Lorraine this morning. Worth its weight in gold. Working today for a few hours on stuff for Pat, and also clambering about the house getting on with stuff. Woke up early and in need of irrigation after yesterday with Bob. The weather growing less bitingly cold as the day progressed, but still hats and coats weather.

Off to Lewes this evening, where I met my old school friend Mark in the Lewes Arms. After a couple of steadying pints of Harveys, down to Chaula's Indian restaurant for a rather good bite to eat.  Lewes quiet tonight, the Lewes Arms down to a handful of stalwarts when we left, and Chaula's empty when we left it. We had an absolute bloody final drink in the Gardener's Arms, where the solitary barmaid had already stacked up most of the stools and chairs. Lots to talk about, and Mark is a good raconteur, and was telling me about his new company, which has necessitated a few trips to India, among other places. Good to catch up with someone I've known since I was 11. He is, as I type, the friend I have known longest.  Our Wembley comprehensive school was poor, but we were lucky enough to emerge from it fairly unscathed and there were one or two gems of teachers there, such as Ron Groom my old art teacher, who had a bald head looked like pictures of Shakespeare. He was a real mentor and a lovely man.

Fond farewells with Mark outside Lewes station, and then I trained back to London Road, and up the hill home. Lorraine in bed, having been out with friends too. I am looking forward to a quiet night in tomorrow.