Lorraine finishes school, the wine arrives

Into town to do some shopping today, but back in time for my Christmas wine delivery. Feeling ropey and sore throated today, which is not ideal when there is a lot to get done. Good news was that money was credited into my coffers today, and later in the day I told the balance of what is owed me by my Paddington pals, will be credited before Christmas. This means I shall start the year able to pay my tax bill, and have enough in the bank to feel a degree of security, as much as you can with a world led by the demonic Trump  in our island of blighted by isolationist imbeciles.

Very happily, it was Lorraine's last day at school, and she did pilates on the way home. I fed her, however there was a problem on her last day, which means she has to make a phone call tomorrow to sort it out. This slightly delaying the onset of the total holiday feeling.  A wine delivery in the afternoon. The forces that make Christmas are assembling.