A crook Calliope, and a deceptive door

This morning Calliope did not wake me up, nor was she sitting on my bedside table like an owl waiting to pounce on me the moment I showed any sign of waking. She remained curled up and sleepy, and didn't follow me to the kitchen for food in the morning. All abnormal behaviour for her. Lorraine and I went out this afternoon to Lewes. I had half convinced myself that my furry daemon  would be dead when I got home.

In Lewes, Lorraine and I mooched about in antique shops, with half an eye for a wardrobe to put in the big bedroom. Quite enjoy the random multiplicity of objects you find in antique shops, of which Lewes has an embarrassment. Lorraine and I looked quite hard, but found nothing quite right. Flagging we paused in a cafe and then made our way home, the train containing supporters of Lewes FC. In the evening I learned that Lewes play in the Boston League South, the same league as Guernsey FC. Next time Guernsey play there, I must see them.

Mum's birthday today, and we had a chat before suppertime. She and Mas had gone shopping today and had a meal at Nando's that neither were very impressed with. I also had a chat with Janet, who was about to enjoy reading all the papers with her house back to herself and Ken again.

Lorraine and I home again, and another blissfully quiet night in, and ate lots of vegetables. We watched a movie called Gone Girl, which was odd but interesting, as the still resolutely with us Calliope snoozed on my lap as usual. She was somewhat brighter this evening.

Below Lorraine and I passed this trompe l'oeil picture painted on a wooden door in a Sussex flint wall.  A portal into another world. Then two views of the River Ouse, which was living up to its name as it slid through Lewes. There is the Harvey's Brewery, the source of many good beers.