Wedding anniversary

Lorraine and I celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary today. A swap of cards this morning, and flowers. In the afternoon we bussed into town, and had a walk by the sea and then popped into the Royal Sovereign before a delicious Japanese meal at Bincho Yakatori. Busy place, and lovely food and excellent Japanese sake and beers. Only downside is they rush you through, which I found irritating, and we were only able to stay for an hour and a half. Nevertheless the food was great. Curiously despite things like sea bass tempura and grilled mackerel and melt in the mouth pork belly cubes, the one thing that brought the taste of Japan home most was the cabbage with black garlic sauce on it. Beautiful.

We jumped on a bus and were happily home, having eaten really well. A happy day with Lorraine, ending as  all the best days do, on the gold sofa.

Again, pretty useless on the photo front. Snapped this bottle of red rice beer that Lorraine ordered. A beautiful -- and it turned out quite potent -- beer. We also had sake too, which was served cold. I remember Hiroko telling me that some of the best sakes were served like this.