Toby in Brighton

Lorraine and I did a spot of shopping this morning, pausing for coffee and lemon and chocolate lobster tails which reminded us of happy times in Sicily with Toby and Romy. Then off to Waitrose. Weird how happy going shopping for food in an actual supermarket with Lorraine makes me feel. 

Toby arrived this afternoon, I met him from his train at Brighton Station where I met Toby. As usual he was travelling light, so we were able to have a slow walk home, stopping off at the Rotunda cafe in Preston Park for a cup of tea and a flapjack. Lots of talking to be done as usual. Then home and Lorraine very pleased to see him. Sam met him again after a few very early meetings in Brighton pubs in the early days of Lorraine and I being together. 

Toby refreshed and showered, and off for a cheery evening at the Cleveland where we four were joined by Anton for a meal and a few drinks. Anton and Toby pleased to see one another, having known each other first. Good burgers in the Cleveland, and Lorraine had a nice fish pie. Spotted Stacey my barber in the bar too.

After a while, Lorraine slipped off home, perhaps wisely leaving the gentlemen to it as Anton began explaining to Sam the finer points of his favourite board game Twilight Struggle. With Toby there is such an instant picking up of the threads as if we saw each other a week ago, not two years ago. After the Cleveland, we had a few bloody finals in the Preston Park Tavern. Anton jumping into a cab, as he had a hideous day's work tomorrow. 

Toby, Sam and I walked home and sat in the kitchen, before Tobster wisely slipped into bed, and Sam and I talked in exhaustive detail about intersectionality before it was time for me to head to bed too.