Don't they realise who I AM?

Up at two thirty in the morning having a panic attack which had started in my sleep. Once conscious I was able to get a grip, and listened to a meditation tape, but it took several hours before I actually slept again.

Soon resigned myself to the fact that work was not going to end at a decent hour, so had to cancel plans to meet Robin and support Jeremy Page in his book launch. Two 10 minute breaks in the 12 hours of desk work today. Telephone call with New York where the stressed head creative invited me to write instant copy and read it immediately in a meeting with twenty people. I refused, point blank. Infuriated, I vented with pompous indignation to the London team afterwards about how we had given them clearly the best work and the strategy for their pitch, and were still treated like children. The whole red-faced don't they realise who I am crap.  Despite this they were all very sweet and Nanda said she loves working with me. Felt an arse afterwards and apologised. Because I lose my temper so rarely it takes quite a while to gather it again. All done by 7:30 and fond farewells with Nando who I finished off the last bits with. The job started for me with a spangly migraine ended in exhaustion and fury. Typical pitch scenario. Still, mustn't grumble eh? It was a nice little earner guv'nor. 

A quiet night indoors, feeling frazzled. The fact I have been released back into the wild will dawn on me soon I hope. But I am certain that at some point tomorrow I will plop back into the water feeling like a young otter.

Took a photo of Calliope the desk cat today.