Tired but free at last

Woke up at five thirty, and sat listening to Lorraine's alarm going off several times. A cup of tea in bed. Lovely. Got up, did my billing and timesheets etc. and then tidied my study, which was strewn with concepts and notes and mess. Cathartic. Soon ran out of energy. Took myself for a short walk, and then had a pre-noon hour of sleep on the gold sofa. 

Clippers this afternoon. Stacy allowed his perfectionism to run riot for the best part of a hour. More startlingly, though, Stacy's own bedraggled baldy/longhair combo had been replaced with a short crop.  Discussed the scuffle outside The Cleveland last Friday, one of the scufflees is a Clippers client. 

Sauntered off to Kemptown afterwards, and hung about on the beach for a bit. A misty day. Went to the Black Dove and waited for Anton. Feeling absolutely shattered at this point. As I had half an hour before he arrived, I tried to write, but when I consulted my brain the cupboard was bare.

Beer to the rescue, masking my tiredness, and we had a really cheerful few hours mooching between pubs. Nice to start in Kemptown and popped into that Anton said it was the smallest pub in Brighton, and we sat outside on little stools in a kind of Twitten. Much impressed when a classy lady let herself out of a door, walked about ten paces across the road and stepped into the pub. We ended up having some Indian streetfood again. I then hopped on a bus to Fiveways and was home quickly and easily at a decent hour.

Below the i360 looking like a spaceship, the end of the zip-wire, looking ship-like, the empty downstairs at the Black Dove where we'd done a Glass of Nothing rehearsal once, and the nice way the mist makes buildings disappear.