A minibreak begins

Just burnt out today. I wandered into town to buy Rosie a present from Lorraine and I, and got the batteries swapped in Lorraine's watches.  

I am definitely in need of a break, and luckily that's what exactly what the fates had in store for us tonight, as Lorraine drove us off through Lewes -- and an annoying traffic jam -- and out into the east Sussex countryside where found Robertsbridge, the village we were going to stay in for the weekend. We were staying in what had been cowsheds or stables or something, but had been converted into a very comfortable apartment, with a communal kitchen, dining and sitting area, and two bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. Rosie and Innis had arrived a little earlier, and had roasted a spatchcock chicken, and some vegetables. Drinking into the evening, before slumping happily into a comfortable bed. 

Lorraine and I left the cats in the care of Sam, who has fully completed his migration from being a disliker of cats, to being someone the cats love.  On my own personal journey, Pippi there too, and is a calm grown up little cockapoo these days. Being moved somewhere completely new, would freak a cat out. But Pippi, knowing Innis and Rosie were there, was completely happy. I suppose wild dogs roam about, and they draw their security from the proximity of the pack rather than their location. Pippi is good dog, and once it has greeted everyone excitedly, it is very relaxed.