Glory and Trumpets

Lorraine half term started today, and she spent the day with Beth. 

I got up with something of a heavy heart knowing that I had to sort out invoicing problems, and get onto my bank again. But then -- glory and trumpets -- my complaints guy, Harry Singh emailed me first thing. He had been out of the business for several months due to sickness, and instantly fixed the intractable problem with me getting a debit card for my business account -- he had found a system glitch which was preventing it. And hey presto within a couple of hours I had been emailed to say a new card was in the post. He had managed to fix in half an hour, what I had spent months of futile Kafkaesque effort failing to sort out. Could the end of the Natwestisögur be in sight?

On my invoices I had simply transposed two numbers in my bank sort code (and I had to resend my three outstanding invoices). Felt a chump but at least it is fixed now.

Lorraine home in the evening, and happy just to hang out quietly. 

A walk this afternoon, beautiful weather with gorgeous clouds. Black and white loveliness abounding. 

I like the top one where the clouds and bushes are as solid as each other.