Talking about everything with Toby

Kippers for breakfast this morning. Sam absent, however, having managed to stay up all night reading in the kitchen coupled with alphabetising all the cookery books on the shelves. Lorraine busy preparing the contents of a chicken, tarragon, and leek pie, cooked in white wine and stock. Delicious.

Tobs and I spent a happy afternoon, we walked up to the Hillfort and around threading through bits of woods and so on, and stopping off at last in the cafe in Blaker's park where we shared another flapjack and had some coffee and talked for hours about everything that mattered. It is just really good to spend time with him.

Just as we were drinking my coffee I noticed I had an email with another query about an invoice, so I had to pop home and sort this, which didn't take long.

Cups of tea and toasties later. Lorraine came home after having popped in to see Dawn, whose birthday it is today. She then proceeded to make what would turn out to be divine individual pies, while I peeled spuds and carrots and so on.

After dinner, Toby and I enjoyed a few episodes of Dr Brian Cox talking loftily about the universe with loads of whooshing music and CGI. While Dr Brian stood like a slightly fey Nietzschean superhero on rocks and mountains or skyscrapers. All good stuff though. Toby wondered how many people were watching it while toking on joints. Lorraine not really a fan, a bit like Beth who says Dr Brian Cox's face makes her angry.  

Early to bed tonight, as Toby sets off on the Welsh leg of his holiday tomorrow morning.