Sofa day

Up early to walk with Toby to the station, but there was a tremendous deluge first thing, and Lorraine gave us a lift instead. Felt sad to see Toby go, but hopefully I will see him next week too.

Home to a hobbits second breakfast and coffee. Later in the day Lorraine went into town to get a hot stones massage and hung out with Rosie. 

I felt a deep attraction to the idea of simply hanging about on the gold sofa. There are many things I should be doing, but instead I read a bit, and watched a SF series called The Expanse, which was excellent when binged. Lorraine and I had started to watch it some time ago, and then simply stopped. I ate one of Lorraine's individual chicken pies, and enjoyed being a couch potato.  Lorraine home, all relaxed from massages and a cocktail.